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The aim of these tutorials is to help small business owners develop their graphic design skills so they are able to feel more confident designing their own branding materials.


The tutorials will be live via Zoom, with plenty of time to ask questions and work along side me.

There are options to sign up for a small group tutorial or request a 1:1 with me!


1hr session $150.00

1:1 tutorials are great if you've missed a session or simply would prefer to work with me individually. If you've seen me do something on my instagram or in my portfolio and want to learn, I would love to teach you!

You can select one of the previous tutorials below or hit the request button below to get in contact.

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Upcoming tutorial

There's currently no upcoming group tutorials but I'm working hard behind the scenes to prep my next one!

If you've missed a tutorial or would like to request one please read below!

Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter for the  latest information on my upcoming group tutorials.


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Social media is a huge part of so many small businesses. By successfully implementing your brand in your socials your business becomes more memorable and recognizable.


Here’s a brief rundown of we covered in this tutorial:

The importance of social media branding, Instagram profile branding (profile pic, bio, story highlights), Instagram posts (single posts and carousels), Branding in reels, Branding in stories, Facebook profile branding

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This tutorial will cover how to create custom GIFs in Procreate. This is my favorite way of creating GIFs for my own business as well as clients.

Here’s a brief rundown of what we'll cover in this tutorial:

Limitations with creating GIFs, Setting up your canvas, Wiggly GIFs, Exporting GIFs, Other Illustrated GIFs, Photo GIFs, Getting them in your stories and reels

The tutorial will run for aprox 1hr

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This was the first (of many) Works With Quirks Tutorials.  In this tutorial we
covered the basics of using the Procreate App.


Things that were covered include:

Setting up your canvas, Tips and shortcuts, Canvas guides and drawing assist,
Colour pallets, Brushes and brush options, Blending modes

"It was such a great workshop

and so easy to follow!"

"Great tutorial I enjoyed it
so much! Can't wait
for the next one!"

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