Step 01 // questionnaire

After initial contact I'll send you a link to my logo questionnaire. This will allow me to

get to your business, target audience and what you're wanting from a logo design.

To preview the questionnaire for this logo click here.


Please note: this is only an example project. Logo questionnaires will be sent out on request.

Step 02 // style board

Based on the information from the questionnaire I start off creating a style board for you to review. This includes a collection of exisiting researched designs that I feel align with your brand. I'll send this through to you for feedback where you can let me know what type of designs you are drawn to.


There is no specific feedback required here however things to consider are;

- What fonts + colours you like/don't like (eg: you'd like purple and blue)

- If there is a particular style you are drawn too (eg: mandala illustrations)

- Things you would like me to avoid (eg: you don't want the illustration to be too bold)

The images in the style board have been sourced from Pinterest

Step 03 // concepts

From your feedback of the style board I'll then go ahead to create approximately 3 different design concepts. These are usually presented still in the draft stage and is more a way to help visualise the different directions your logo could take.

I'm always happy to combine ideas. For example if you like the illustration from one but font from another. 

Similar to the above, there are no set rules for giving feedback. All comments and suggestions are welcome - even if I'm off track.

Step 04 // development

I'll now present you with a more finished looking logo based on your feedback from the concepts. There may be a couple of versions here depending on what you've requested (up to three). 

Again, I'll send this back to you for feedback. It's very important that I continue to gain your input on how the design is progressing as I like to include my clients in on the design process. I'll always give you my professional opinion but at the end of the day I want to make sure you are happy with the final design. 

Step 05 // revisions

From the development proof there are up to three rounds of revisions to that we can make any final tweaks to your design. 

Step 06 // Final proof + Mockups

Once the main design has been finalised I'll send through a final proof which includes:

- Full colour logo along with a black and a white option

- Logo image by itself in a colour, black and white option

- Logo type by itself in a colour, black and white option

- At least two logo mockups so you can see the design in action

After the final proof has been approved final payment is required before the logo package is sent through.

Step 06 // Logo Package

After final payment has been made you'll receive your logo package which includes:

- Full colour logo along with a black and a white option

- Logo image by itself in a colour, black and white option

- Logo type by itself in a colour, black and white option

- Each of the above options are sent through as a vector PDF, JPEG and PNG

- A format guide so you know which format to use for what

- Your custom brand board showing what colours and fonts have used

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